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  • James NareyJames Narey

    Hi Greg,

    I’m also really interested in the answer to this question.

    In general, it would be helpful to understand the ‘relationship’ between PSMS and Driver4VR. I had thought that Driver4VR took positional/rotation data from PSMS (as PSMoveFreePieBridge does, for example) and, combining it with other input data if necessary, sends it to SteamVR. But the above post suggests that it takes position/rotation data from SteamVR (supplied by SteamVRBridge) before then feeding it back.

    Which is correct?

    PSMoveService is great but it no longer works with recent versions of SteamVR. I appreciate this is nothing to do with you but if it were possible to take position/rotation data straight from PSMoveService it would solve this problem for a lot of people.

    What do you think?



    in reply to: No touchpad touch input with NOLO #5410
    James NareyJames Narey

    Initially I wasn’t able to get the controllers working purely through NOLO Assistant, hence used Driver4VR. It’s started working now for some reason, so I tried selecting NOLO for head tracking only in Driver4VR.

    The same issue with a lack of touch input is the same, so this doesn’t appear to be an issue with Driver4VR but the NOLO software.

    Still, if anyone has any advice it would be most welcome.

    in reply to: Suggestion for more accurate calibration #5267
    James NareyJames Narey

    Hi Greg.

    I didn’t understand your last post.

    What does it mean if I select the ‘PSMoveService – NOT DONE YET’ option for controllers? Which bit is not done yet? It seems from the forums that other people are using it.


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