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    I just had a kinect 360 offered. So i tried to use it in driver4VR, hoping for a better tracking than psmove service with 2 cameras.
    I can not make the tracking in skeleton work, but I had the sketelon displayed in the settings windows (see capture.jpg), but without the disk showing the head I saw in tuto videos…
    logs of driver4vr are also joined.
    The kinect has a green led blinking.

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    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    did you press start button ?
    edit. sorry you had to press start button as kinect already running 🙂
    so you selected skeleton or colour tracking for head ?

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    I tried both. When I am in color tracking the skeleton did not appear in the window. I managed to have some move with led ball (and solar google in front of the kinect sensor) but with very poor tracking. But nothing did move in skeleton mode.

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    Please send me diagnostic logs as described here.


    Finally I got it working in both mode with the last 4.0 version, even if I do not have the sphere for the head in the tracking windows. I also installed the SDK to check if the kinect was working, and play a lot with global room light.
    But the light bulb tracking is not usable. I had the bulb on the top of my head: when I look up/down the POV go up or down, and same effect when I look left or right, the POV shift to the left or to the right. I have the same effect in skeleton mode, but bearable because very slight.
    I had this problem with OSVR fusion, and sovled it by adding the Z and X offset between the bulb and the center of rotation of head. Could it be possible to have something like that for head tracking with kinect / bulb ?
    By the way, I wonder why I do not have a so pronounced effect with PSMOVE bulb head tracking and driver4VR.

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