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After Driver4VR will start you need to select source of tracking for Head and Hands. In each case you have option:
– Skeleton
– Led light/ball

In case of Kinect 360 you need prepare it first.

If you select Skeleton, the tracking will be available right away but it has some limitations when your hands are close to body or in general Kinect is not able to tack skeleton well.

You can also use mixed tracking. For example track head with skeleton and hands with led light/ball.

For Kinect 360 you need make small preparation to allow it track colour properly.

Despite best efforts this method might not work well in some light conditions.

In order to calibrate colour you need:
1. If needed adjust exposure in ‘Camera settings’
2. Click ‘Colour Calibration’
3. Select controller from the list.

Driver4VR - colour calibration - select controller from the list

4. Click ‘Calibrate’ and wait for calibration to complete.

Kinect 360 calibration - colour calibration

5. If process of calibration goes well, then you will that only your colour is being tracked in the ‘Tracker filter view’. In case of problem you need to adjust exposure of Kinect or light conditions in your room.