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    kostas katsanoscckats

    As a free user i didn’t have the time(10 min per week) to really test the wiimote implementation, as of yesterday i have bought the gold membership and i have found the listing problems:

    1)Chaperone rotation: The 180 degree quick spin(without rotating the chaperone) is not implemented for the wiimotes but exists for psmove and joycons

    2)Joystick control: There is no way to use d-pad(as far as i know) for simulation of the joystick-touchpad of the vive controller

    3)||Now that i tested it again it appears to be working fine||(Yaw with tow wiimotes plus: only one controller will have yaw working so after the 30 degrees which the kinect controls the yaw the wiimote will not move any further)

    4)Kinect and motes are still working after i close the app: I don’t know if this is a global problem but to fix it i have to remove the Bluetooth adapter and open another program which uses kinect(in this case skanect) and close that to power of the kinect

    5)Kinect yaw is slow and inaccurate:The 30 degrees that the kinect controls the yaw are very painful to use in games that you have to shot using a gun(like superhot) or a bow (like the lab). I don’t know if is fixable or a limitation of the mote but as an idea instead of the front facing 30 degrees it should be vertical ones. Hope it helps

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