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    Luis RambottiLuis Rambotti

    OThe Oculus Goes are coming and I want to use the driver. buy kinect Xbox 360, on Monday I buy the move but I do not know what to buy because I do not know how to play, and the move has no leverage and I do not know how I would move in the fps juices.
    My question is whether the ” Navigator ” + move, or ” move ” + ” move ”, or ” navigator ” + navigator is suitable. Which is the best option?

    It is necessary to follow the ” move ” since the kinect does all the tracking of the arms and with a ” navigator ” in each hand, it is enough.
    I mean the ” navigator ” does not detect turns, the ” move ” if.
    I want to use it on Steam VR with motion control games.

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    Luis RambottiLuis Rambotti


    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    i have not played a lot with navi. it can be configured as xinput and you can map buttons as any xinput device using driver4vr.
    you need moves to have orientation.

    blerty motryblerty motry

    atm it is not supported and maybe it never will. But i think that using smartphones as controllers could possibly provide better tracking. (gained (quality of) sensors but lost camera)

    I am using wiimote+nunchuck myself, and the sensor data seems pretty decent.

    **It would be really interesting though to see a video comparing all input-options and demonstrating the up-and downsides.

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