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    Miss Uvermissuver

    Hi, was wondering if there was a solution to my problem, I tried this across various avatars when I calibrate, but they all have the same issue where they walk with their heads slouching down

    I have oculus rift with Kinect one set up

    My height in-game is set as my real one and the leg/hip tracking is great no issues with that.
    It’s just when I walk it looks so odd, I have another friend on vrchat that’s using the Kinect setup as well, he has the same issue and he simpily said it’s something that’s normal, but I believe there might be a solution to this that I’m just not seeing?

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    walk ou mean with joystick?

    Miss Uvermissuver

    Yeah, with the joystick it’s just all the characters do a slouch not sure why, I’m standing when I move the charecters

    kendry guerraxMako

    Same issue here. Any Fix?. When I Walk using the joystick the walking animation that vive trackers doesn’t have kicks in.

    t dizzlet dizzle

    Depending on the model I am using, will depend where I do the initial calibrate from. I have a xenomorph avatar, that if I calibrate in the middle like normal, its wonky, so I stand about a foot ahead and it lines up correctly, yet still keep my hands back where they should be. I find my hand position somtimes dictates my head and hips moving forward, so perhaps move up or back, but still keep hands on the avatars hands. Imho, this really depends, I would say, get the Y/X Bot full body working before moving to a custom one. Also messing around with height also helps, which is sometimes easier than using Driver4vr’s controls.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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