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    Matthew Landes

    I receive the following error: “Unable to connect to Steam VR. Error: Init_HmdNotFoundPresenceFailed” when trying to run the program. I believe it is because my Steam is not installed in the default folder, but I don’t see any way to change that in driver4vr. Ideas?


    Greg Driver

    does SteamVR start with no issues ?


    Anthony Reis

    I am having the same problem. SteamVR does start with no issues.


    Greg Driver

    can you confirm you use last version downloaded from my site?
    there was similar problem but it was solved.
    please let me know.


    Davide Mor

    Same here, to me everything starts fine, both steamvr and driver4vr, but then they both immediately give the error Init_HmdNotFoundPresenceFailed. I googled and bit and found an old github (2017) thread where they said that a possible solution would be to set “hmd_presence” in the driver.vrdrivermanifest to “*” (instead of the value []), I tried that and now it gives the error Init_HmdNotFound followed by a steam vr fatal error


    Greg Driver

    what headset do yuo have ?
    can you confirm that after uninstalling problem does awway?


    Jim Basilla

    Mine said that Unable to connect to SteamVR. Error: Init_HmdNotFound.
    How do I fix this issue?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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