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    Daniel ReimerDaniel Reimer

    first some back story: I own a Oculus Rift CV1 and the Touch controllers + 3 Cameras right now. Like many others the only flaw I see is the cable I always step on, so I tried a TPCast a few weeks ago and the result was…. SPECIAL. FOV was smaller, hangs and artifacts all the time… So I went and bought a Oculus Go after I heard of Software like ALVR for it to make it a SteamVR compatible device, just without proper room tracking. So I heard of your piece of code and now I wonder if this is a nice solution in the end for wireless VR. I still have a dusty Kinect 360 lying around and the USB Adapter arrives this week. (~Wed and Oculus Go ~Fri, so I just try to prepare for a real test this weekend ^^)

    – Anyone used ALVR already? Anything better you recommend?
    – I get this right, you allow head tracking by using a Kinect Sensor, right? I don’t think the full body capturing is that useful right now, but nice for later, so ONLY head tracking for now. How about turning around? Is this working?
    – Any way to have both Oculus selectable I don’t know of or do I have to pull the plugs all the time?
    – What motion controllers do you use? I can provide Wii Motes, Switch Controllers and … Oculus Touch ^^ What do you recommend?
    – Is the software useful to optimize the tracking of the Rift, too? Aka maybe fix my hopping and jumping I sometimes have with the three sensors. (I don’t care if this only works in Steam btw, I don’t own that much stuff in Rift Store)

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    best if you test how it works. i am afraid that you might not get as good results that you will give up using cable.

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