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    Thomas Anthony PedersennufanDK

    So I made the Kinect 360 skeleton tracking work well together with vridge, but I wanted to emulate the vive controllers better, so I bought some cheap VR BOX gamepads (https://www.24hshop.dk/mobiltilbehor/iphone-tilbehor/iphone-ovrigt/bluetooth-vr-kontroll-fjarrkontroll) and installed a led and a tabletennisball in the front to use them as a cheap ps move alternative. The color tracking works, but it seemed to crash a few times, and now I found a post on the forum that speculated that the color tracking is actually more cpu intensive than just skeletal tracking. So now I’m starting to think it might be better with skeleton tracking, but I still want to use some controllers so I have more buttons than just the hand gestures. Is this doable as easily as with the led tracking, and does it sound like a feasible solution? Any tips on this setup is appreciated. I feel like I’m SO close to a working solution, but I just can’t reach the goal.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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