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    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    In this release:
    – updated acceleration to Kinect tracking and added to PSMoveService to add velocity required for HLA and Boneworks.
    – VR Gamepad mapping is now possible to override existing controller like PS Move or Joy-Con.
    – thumbstick fix feature
    – nolovr – hip tracker uses head rotation by default to avoid drift by the tracker.
    – hand tracking for kinect skeleton mode

    Andrew Whaleyazw413

    I tried to get wiimotes working yesterday but failed. What would be your recommended driver4vr setup for HL:Alyx considering approx prices ? :-

    Kinect 360 – €20
    Kinect One – €90
    wiimote + nunchuck – €20
    PSMove – €130 / pair
    joy con clones – €40 / pair
    Nolo VR – €250

    + €20 for driver4vr of course.

    Thanks !

    Gaetano colellaenigma19

    Great greg…thanks!!


    hey, i would like to know if you can make it possible to create an update for psmoveservice alpha 8.10, too? It tracks better than the latest 9.0.1. with ps3 eye cams. The last driver4vr update increases velocity of 8.10, too (with psmovefreepiebridge release 15). unfortunately to much, because of its default velocity values, which are perfect, but didn´t run in hl alyx, too, before your update. So if you could please make a release with velocity enabled but without increasing for 8.10 would be awesome. Appreciate your great work.

    sam maikeomacau

    So if you could please make a release with velocity enabled but without increasing for 8.10 would be awesome. Appreciate your great work.


    In psmovesteamvrbridge there was/is that setting linear velocity exponent and multiplier, i dont know if you use today the same? If so, please set these to 1 an 0. After this i think its enabled, but will not change that behavior of default psmoveservice 8.10. Sorry if i´m wrong. Is there any command where i can try it out? Greets

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    @keomacau we spoke on discord. can u send me dm ?

    D TXcalibur

    Good to have velocity for PSMoveServiceBridge. Looking forward for it to be available in color tracking too. I think Blade & Sorcery is now on that list also, with the magic orbs throwing.


    Are you guys referring to the bug I reported over here?


    It’s true. The tracking and fling velocity is messed up on anything released after PSMoveSteamVRBridge 1.4.2. It essentially prevents you from successfully performing many velocity based actions in quite a few games. Punching and throwing for instance causes your hands to roll away and de-accelerate at the most crucial part of the action.

    I’m really surprised it hasn’t been fixed already. HipsterSloth states they’re capturing more IMU packets, and that the filter values need fine tuning as a result. That was nearly 2 years ago… Anyway, I’m staying put on version 1.4.2 until the problem is fixed.

    Best Regards,


    Redford RobertsRedd

    You mentioned that then nolo hip uses head rotation by default, does this mean the location of the hip tracker is still tracked, just not its rotation?

    iwin88 asiaiwin88asia




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