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    Greg Driver

    Major features:
    – hand tracking, rotation emulation, 3 modes
    * to enable ‘manipulate’ like VRChat
    * to play games like beat saber or box vr
    * to play shooters / aim
    – hand tracking, 3 speed modes
    – support for gesture with Kinect Tracking
    – support for vr gamepad for Kinect Tracking
    – new user interface
    – device offsets (same as InputEmulator).
    – move/rotate space from UI
    – virtual move in separate window.

    – joy-con calibration during Driverr4VR start to reduce drift
    – ability to swap mouse move
    – ability to swap Wii Remote direction as some users reported they have inverse.
    – ability to connect more then 2 Joy-Cons
    – options to emulate Wii touchpad press/touch.
    – added floor fix button.
    – two hands up gesture works after 3 seconds only
    – Save Mode problem solved!!!
    – new nolo sdk from 2019-06-24
    – info about trial, expiry, SafeMode added to main ui
    – warning if psmoveservice bridge or inputemulator is installed
    – new kinect error window

    Hand Tracking with Kinect Tutorial:


    Download link and youtube link don’t work… 🙁

    Greg Driver

    thanks. fixed both.

    Chris Rubino

    Hi Greg,
    As a new comer in D4VR user, I’m so happy with this version 5.0
    This is so much better than older beta version that I’ve tested. Thank you so much for your hard work!
    It works so good on my simple PCVR configuration (Oculus GO + ALVR + D4VR as Head tracking and Hand Tracking + PS Move as input controller)

    Sorry if this may sounds so greedy, but may I ask a request to add ALVR remote controller (Oculus Go) as an input controller that i can assign to d4vr_left/d4vr_right?


    Greg Driver

    not at all. that makes a lot of sense and is on my list for a while.
    just keep note on updates or youtube channel.

    daniel pociask

    Having trouble accessing the dl for 5.0 link. I am a gold member yet i have been unable to update since the initial version i was able to dl the first time but every time i try to update i am greeted with an update page telling me to upgrade to gold and donate. I have tried updating from the site and from the program. I am a gold member and have the emailed receipt to prove it. Im just really confused. I really want to try the extra updates since my original release. thank you.

    Greg Driver

    on this page just click download link



    Quickly tried this with Rift S and vrchat

    It has a issue in vrchat when you are aligned and need to click confirm, none of the buttons work, tried various controller settings default/custom.

    Tutorial said to press both Grip button to confirm not sure if that changed but i tried all of them , i used this on my older wmr wich didnt have any button issues.

    Greg Driver

    i think you did not map them to tracker. did you see they work in preview window in tracker manager?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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