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    Greg Driver

    In this release:

    1. Wii Remote official tutorial

    2. manual calibration of Kinect – in development
    3. GearVR – in development – continue integration
    4. Bug fix with proper logging during UI initiation.


    Bergen Rackley

    Is there any way to make a wii remote and a nunchuck work as one hand? I have two wii remotes and two nunchucks, and I think with a special grip being designed, using a nunchuck for a joystick and a wii controller for the rotation and other buttons would be the perfect homebrew solution to vr controllers.


    Christian Eidenert

    Hi Greg, first of all I just want to say I love your work and appreciate your efforts to make VR more available for everyone.

    I tried the Wii Motion Plus Remote with the Nunchuk and I was able to pair it to Bluetooth on my laptop. However when I tried to set it up to run with Driver4VR the Wii Remote Motion Plus and the Nunchuk did not appear in Device Manager. I am guessing that I need to get the first gen Wii Remote and Nunchuk without Motion Plus which might work out. I was able to emulate both Keyboard and Mouse although it was not yet an enjoyable experience for me. I may try it out again at some point to see if I can tweak my setup to run better. Has anyone managed to run Driver4VR with the Wii Motion Plus Remote and Nunchuk? On a side note I would be curious if anyone has tried connecting the Wii Jog to the Nunchuk and using it in VR.

    Many thanks.



    Greg Driver

    interesting idea. how do you think it could work ?



    “On a side note I would be curious if anyone has tried connecting the Wii Jog to the Nunchuk and using it in VR.”

    This got me curious(never heard of Wii Jog), I found it on Amazon and saw a question asking about Wii U support which may answer your question:

    “Yes it does, but not with Wii motionplus controllers + games.”


    Greg Driver

    wii jog costs 5usd. we could theroretically use it as alternative to vr shoes 🙂

    but it will need to put some rollers on your feet 🙂


    Christian Eidenert

    Hey Greg,

    Thanx for looking into this. It would be awesome to have Inertial Tracking working as opposed to the idiotic Optical Tracking that Microsoft, Sony, Oculus are forcing us to use for VR controllers. It’s expensive and annoying. A setup with the PSVR using Trinus in combination with the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk is my preferred setup. I bought an Xbox One controller the other day and even with the Xbox somehow being the preferred choice for Windows 10 it is really not that great because it tends to lose contact with Bluetooth intermittently, it has no gyro built in, and because I am using built in Bluetooth in my laptop it will never output sound via the controller itself which is a pity. Honestly I am mostly interested in seated VR experience so it makes little sense to go with Kinect. However it would be awesome if we could have a great seated VR experience using the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk and even more so with the Wii jOG connected to the Nunchuk. I really hate using SteamVR because it sucks using the Xbox One Controller for that purpose. The Xbox One controller works well in Windows Mixed Reality so why can’t SteamVR make it work there as well. They want to push their Steam Controller and the Knuckles Controller which has not yet been released to the public. It is really confusing right now which controller to use on which VR Portal and which game will support which controller. I had BigScreen working with Mouse and Keyboard the other day but yesterday that wasn’t working also. The only game I am able to play now is the previous VR Mod for Alien Isolation from Nibre version 0.6.0 because there are too many issues with the latest version 0.8.0. It works well with the Xbox One Controller although I am still annoyed by the presence of that Blue Circle forced by SteamVR and I was simply too lazy to try to remove it. Oh well if you can get Wii jOG to work that would be an awesome addition to our VR experience.


    Greg Driver

    yes. but wii jog can be only used in limited way. like vr shoes.
    also i am not sure if I can connect two of them.
    what is important in each case is if you want to use virtual tracking or real positional tracking and for this you need kinect or other solution.


    Scott A

    I need help connecting Wii motion plus built in controller cause thats all I have😞


    Greg Driver

    at which step you have problem?



    I’m using motion plus adapter and it work fine plus using nunchuck.

    Hi Greg, I have an idea. Wiimote is a very capable controller to do 6-dof. All you need is a DIY 4 ir led build in pyramid shape, and the Wiimote will work like psmove or vive controller. Check out Freetrack whick also allow you to use Wiimote. There’s also a few ppl making source code to make Wiimote work in vr environment.
    You can also use the original wii sensor bar but only 4 or 3dof I think?

    The only downside is only the Wiimote can do 6dof,not nunchuck (no problem since we can control most stuff with one hand, nunchuck can use virtual tracker mode),
    and you have to face the ir led all the time. (not a problem too since we have rotational button setting).

    Can you put this function on driver4vr? This will be perfect for ppl who only have wii mote on their hand. Like psmove is still quite expensive.
    Its a shame that Wiimote although it works like a vr controller but in driver4vr it downgrade moves like mouse.

    Also it would be great if you can combine Wiimote virtual tracking with kinect hand/body tracking.


    Greg Driver

    the problem with wii mote ir is that it has very small fov. not sure if that will be practical.



    It works very well in freetrack and even recommended to use wiimote for freetrack.
    Its not perfect like psmove but at least this will make it easier to pick up item in vrchat.
    right now using wiimote or dual mouse, it’s really hard to even navigate the menu. I had to enter driver4vr back and forth to adjust the arm distance to be able to pick up an item.


    Greg Driver

    yes. these are only 2 degrees of freedom indeed. i will think about this.
    do you know with mouse you can reach to object with scroll ?


    Matteo Leullier

    I’m trying to get my Wii MotionPlus INSIDE (Nintendo RVL-CNT-001) to work properly, but it isnt detected by Driver4VR and I have no idea why…

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    Matthew Benson

    Hey Greg

    Trying to get the Wii mote working with the latest release alongside kinect and it’s tracking the controls as being 6 feet away from my body. Any ideas for a fix? Thx


    Greg Driver

    did u set head tracking to kinectL skeleton ?
    you should set this to head/hand tracking.
    if have same problem then reset settings and start tutorial to ensurel you properly configures head/hand tracking first.

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