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    Kot ManulManul

    Ps move orientation is spazing out with color tracking between actual orientation and default. Other tracking methods don’t have this issue. Video example https://youtu.be/4DuUEQvv4iE

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    can u please check if same happens in psmove config tool?
    also please ensure you try latest version of driver4vr.

    Kot ManulManul

    It doesn’t happening in ps move config tool. It’s happening when driver4vr in color tracking mode have even a slightest loss of tracking of one of the controllers, both cotrollers will alternate with their actual and default orientation. Being a tall person i need to be fairly far from kinect 360 to properly register head position and it looks like i’m being on edge of color tracking for it’s 480p resolution. Bringing myself closer to kinect solves issue with controller but crouch will be impossible. If driver4r will not try to reset orientation on tracking loss it will be great.

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    i don’t have such feature. if you assigned psmove to kinect hand tracker then it works and that is all. can you check if by any chance you don’t have specificed in kinect tracking any parameters like override controller yaw? it should not cause this problem but we could start this.
    other then that, you might try to clear settings and setup agian.

    Patrick Maydromer

    I’m also having the same issue with both the joycons and PS Move controllers. In each of the previews as well as PSMoveService the joycons and PS Move work as intended.

    I’m using a PSVR headset with iVRy and a Kinect 360. I’ve ensured override controller yaw is turned off in the skeleton tracking settings.

    I’ve gone through the different hand/head tracking modes and here’s what I’ve found using joycons:
    Kinect Skeleton/Kinect Skeleton: Working as intended
    Off/Skeleton: Working as intended
    Skeleton/Color: Controllers jitter as shown in the video
    Off/Color: Controllers jitter as shown in the video
    Off/Off: Working as intended.

    I only ever see the jitter when using color tracking for the body. It tends to correlate with losing color tracking but it also just seems to happen in general even if the tracking is good.

    This is with version

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    prosody speaksprosodyspeaks

    i’m having the same issue as in video.

    it only occurs if my controllers (xbox and daydream inputs) are assigned to left/right controllers in tracker manager. i.e. with exactly the same tracking settings but controllers not assigned the orientation flicker disappears. at first i thought it could be my daydream gyro, but problem replicates with xbox which has no gyro to be wrong!

    Marco WilliBlu3ye

    Have seen this issue here, too.
    Though it flickers around much faster in my case and seem to happen mostly when only one of two controllers is visible to the camera.

    Steven SmithStevenator155

    i have this problem as well but its with leap motion and joycons the leap motions orientation is trying to override the joycons at the same time the joycons are trying to override the leap motion which causes me to have spasy controllers and causing me to have horrible aim

    narto sipuntennarto


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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