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    Saeed Coptisaeedc


    Setup: I have the PSVR connected and using iVRy (paid version). I am using x2 PS eye cameras. For controllers, I am using x2 PS Move controllers. Using psmoveservice with Driver4VR (paid license).

    Prior to using/installing Driver4VR, I used the psmovesteamvrbridge without issue; motion controls were fine and properly tracking. I have since uninstalled the psmovesteambridge and am now using Driver4VR, there appears to be better all around support and features with it which is why I opted to try and buy it.

    Problem: The problem is, when starting Driver4VR, controllers display (as vive controllers) in-game fine but the weird thing is VR games think my right controller is in my left hand ( in the VR world) and vice versa; for example, if I move my right motion controller in reality the left hand in VR moves, if I move the left controller in reality, the right hand in VR moves. Occasionally, the VR game will appear with my arms crossed, and if I cross my arms in real life, the arms display correctly in VR (hope that makes sense). Additionally, the arms/controllers do not appear to center in front of me correctly, they seem to hover above my head and occasionally off to the side.

    In Driver4VR, I have the following settings configured:
    Head Tracking: Off
    Hand Tracking: PSMoveService bridge SteamVR Driver
    Body tracking: Off

    In the Tracker Manager, PSMOVE controllers are detected and assigned. I tried flipping the assignment around and that did not make a difference. I also tried applying the Reverse rotation setting, didn’t make any difference.

    PS- This issue applies to any game I try and even happens in SteamVR before loading a game.

    Any thoughts on what I’m missing or should try?


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