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    Guilherme Rossal MuxfeldtFoleyBR

    Hello there, i am new to this driver, still i frequently fidget with it trying to learn more about it, i have come to a problem that may be dumb to solve or not. I am using a Pimax4k+Nolo controllers+kinect360 to get into full body, but a month ago one of the controllers broke (hardware problem), i still got to play Vrchat using a xbox gamepad on my left hand and a the nolo controller that is still working on the right hand. I have tried different ways to make the full body tracking work, still no luck. This is the results that almost worked:

    Head tracking OFF; Controllers with kinect tracking; Body with kinect tracking – All good, but when i get inside the game Vrchat, the controller doesn’t respond.

    Head tracking OFF; Controller with Nolo; Body with kinect tracking – In calibration, i sse both controllers mimicing the position of the right controller, but they are floating 1m of height away of the correct position (the working controller), still when i use it in game the feet work, but the body are distorted since the controllers are high up.

    If there is a way to disable the left controller (that i don’t have), stopping the mimicing of both controllers, perhaps that will fix the height offset too. Or a way to make the left arm work using kinect tracking (this cause the button problem).

    Any help would be aprecciated, thanks

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    you can select 2 controllers and disable one of them like in this video

    Guilherme Rossal MuxfeldtFoleyBR

    thank you brother, i forgot about this when i fixed my problem, but now its broken again XD, never going to give Nolo money again

    Guilherme Rossal MuxfeldtFoleyBR

    Ok just a update, i tried to use the gamepad as a controller, but its a third party gamepad so the buttons didnt tracked in the preview:

    So i used keyboard as a controller, worked for three days in a way i could actually use the full body, but i had to endure some problems like even disabling the right controller and the others with the exception of the left hand like this:

    It still fights over the control of the right controller and when the fake tracker get the control of it, my right controller become the hip tracker for some reason. Also if i disconect my headsettracker for a second because of my trouble with broken controller the right hand become the hip and i am required to restart everything from steam to driver 4 vr.

    For my problem i can imagine some solutions like if i am able to use the skeleton hand tracking only on the left arm disabling the right arm would be perfect to fix it, any light?

    Also in this part if it had a way to control the position of it better like up/down/left/right/forward and backwards would be amazing to position it correctly:

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