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    Sarton O'Brienroguetr

    I just finished my first session in Rec Room with Nolo + DK2 + Driver4VR and I have to say I was impressed. Having only used a PSVR for Rec Room up until now, the only negative differences were:

    * SDE
    * the weight of the cables
    * the DK2 cable length
    * the throwing is a little gimped
    * the trackable area for the controllers (could be base station positioning)
    * the head tracking can have a slight turtle neck feel, but only really noticeable if you are looking for it
    * no built in headphones or port for headphones
    * maybe some latency on head positional tracking but definitely not on rotational
    * the triggers are not analogue

    I had some issues initially but a lot of that was teething and just knowing in what order everything like to be turned on … or the direction it should be facing when turned on.

    The positives:

    * Steam library
    * sharper image even with SDE
    * once setup and aware of correct procedure for initialising, it’s basically turn on and go
    * I’m pretty sure the Nolo controllers are way more accurate than the PS Moves on the PSVR + PS4 combo (no jitter and are able to stay completely still for longer periods of time)
    * the latency for the controllers also felt better, as in, unnoticeable
    * I get a sense of delay playing online with Rec Room on PS4 that didn’t seem to be there or it wasn’t as noticeable
    * with a powerful PC/GPU the overall quality is better
    * can play with Vive and Rift friends on games other than Rec Room 🙂

    All in all, I’d say both setups are just as good as each other and I was no less immersed playing on the Nolo + DK2 + Driver4VR combo than I was on the PS4 + PSVR combo. I now just have the freedom to choose between the different game libraries. For people that own a DK2 and can be bothered, Nolo + Driver4VR is a great combination. It beats the hell out of having to use OSVR and an extended display.

    My initial problems seemed to stem from Driver4VR competing with the Nolo drivers. From what I can tell (and I am probably completely wrong) Driver4VR provides it’s own head tracking for Nolo. I found facing the HMD towards the base station whilst Driver4VR initialised and then launching the Nolo app to initialise the controllers worked best. Everything would be aligned with a quick double tap of the system buttons and I would not have to adjust anything. Setting “force headset driver to return Vive model” was pretty much a must, otherwise it would assume touch controllers and there would be buttons missing.

    There’s also a beta Nolo controller tracking option in Driver4VR which was very impressive but the latency was just too much. Being able to eliminate the Nolo app would be awesome but at this stage with it working so well, I’m not too fussed. My only real criticism would be that I wish the positional head tracking was as fast and sharp as the controller tracking but I didn’t feel I was dodging or moving any worse than on the PS4.

    Great job Greg! 🙂

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    the assumptions behind my own controllers was to emulate touch. so you don’t need force vive model but instead your nolo will look like touch.
    i was testing and imho latency was pretty much same so I must double check if have not missed anything.
    if you are discord user, please join us at https://discord.gg/Bks9YyX

    thanks again for feedback!

    Sarton O'Brienroguetr

    The latency I witnessed was the speed of movement within the Steam VR Home. I tried it with and without force Vive, just in case there would be a difference but the delay seemed present both times. Using the Nolo native drivers there was no noticeable delay. I have a relatively high performance rig and I’m guessing it should be able to handle any additional overheads, though I figured there would be less overheads if everything is handled by Driver4VR.

    Thanks for the discord link, I’ll definitely jump on … when it’s not 2am! 🙂

    Sarton O'Brienroguetr

    I posted some unedited play footage of my first game session with this set up.

    It’s long and pretty boring but it does show just how well this all works.

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    thanks 🙂


    after playing for some time ostion tracking changed itself.
    I have to go out of dk2 and rejust angle postition tracking.
    very inconvenient if the steam game requires play in the middle area. because the middle position has changed. the last way is to get out of the game to ajust steam
    sorry for my english

    loren zowadelorenzowade


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