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    Roman ChobanovRoman Chobanov

    Hello! I’ve recently upgraded from xbox 360 to xbox one kinect. Everything was great until yesterday my headset display began to slightly shake when i press “Start Driver4VR” button with kinect plugged in.
    I’m pretty sure the first couple of days of using xbox one kinect everything was fine. I believe this is some kind of software problem. The headset i’m using is Rift S.
    The shaking does not occur when using 360 kinect.
    Things i’ve tried so far:
    -reinstalling Driver4VR
    -cleared settings for Driver4VR
    -reinstalled Oculus app
    -unplugging and plugging in kinect and it’s adapter.
    I’ve also noticed that kinect fps stays at 29 although it was like 43 the first time i used xbox one kinect. Maybe this is somehow retated to the problem?

    I would be very glad if someone will help me with this annoyng problem.

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    Roman ChobanovRoman Chobanov

    Looks like kinect’s infrared sensor is causing that. When i block it with something the shaking is gone, but obviously kinect can’t detect the motion in that case.

    Roman ChobanovRoman Chobanov

    Finally managed to fix the issue by changing room lighting frequency to 60 HZ in Oculus app.

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