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    T ReimannJustAuser

    Hello Greg,
    I am looking for a feature, where I can assign FreePie coordinates to your Driver4VR controllers such as LeftHand, RightHand, LeftFoot, RightFoot, Hip.
    This is meant as a compatibility layer between PSmoveService multiple camera setup and Driver4VR.

    It is already possible to send FreeTrack data to a HMD in Driver4Vr.
    Freetrack can receive its data from Freepie using a script:

    	freeTrack.pitch = -freePieIO[0].pitch
    	freeTrack.roll =  freePieIO[0].roll
    	freeTrack.yaw = freePieIO[0].yaw
    	#Multiply by 10 for SteamVR use
    	freeTrack.x = (freePieIO[0].x * 10)
    	freeTrack.y = (freePieIO[0].y * 10)
    	freeTrack.z = (freePieIO[0].z * 10)

    FreePie receives its data from different sources. One such source is the PS-Eye camera. It sends data from PSMoveService to PSMoveFreePieBridge to Freepie.

    Furthermore PsMoveService has implemented a feature called VirtualHMD. With that you can create multiple virtual controllers that can be color tracked by PS-Eye cameras. This data could be send to FreePie, but right now nothing can be done with it once it is there.

    I want PsMoveService to create 2 Controllers + 1 virtual HMD + 3 more virtual controllers (LED Bands). The PsEye Cameras are tracking different colors and send the coordinates of all colors to FreePie by using PSMoveFreepieBridge. Then there has to be a way to get the data into driver4Vr. Driver4VR has to create virtual controllers, which can be assigned with freepie coordinates.

    	Driver4VR_API.RightHand.x = (freePieIO[1].x * 10)
    	Driver4VR_API.LeftHand.x = (freePieIO[2].x * 10)
    	Driver4VR_API.RightFoot.x = (freePieIO[3].x * 10)
    	Driver4VR_API.LeftFoot.x = (freePieIO[4].x * 10)
    	Driver4VR_API.Hip.x = (freePieIO[5].x * 10)

    Finally Driver4VR passes the data to SteamVR.

    What I want to you to implement is an API that takes data from FreePie and puts it into Driver4VR’s fake (virtual) controllers and passes that data to SteamVR.

    Since Multiple Kinects are cpu heavy and hard for you to calibrate, I suggest to make use of the already implemented PsMoveService capabilities.
    People would get an Kinect-free-alternative for 360 degree Full Body Tracking

    T ReimannJustAuser

    Programs can read data from FreePie, more details are here:

    PSmoveService setup guide and FreePie setup:

    PSmoveService and virtual tracker setup:

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    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    i think psmoveservice already works for body tracking. just use that option on the list instead of kinect.
    but yes, ability to add any source to driver4vr is something I keep thinking about.
    perhaps this is way to go 🙂

    T ReimannJustAuser

    One more question, is it already possible to choose kinect only for lower body tracking?

    Everything else would be handled by PS-Move service.

    Head Tracker – Freetrack
    Hand Tracker – PS-Move Service
    Lower Body?? – Kinect + LED Bands.

    I have heard people have problems when they try to combine PS Eye and Kinect Data, it distords the vr-chat body. But I don’t even know how they did that in the first place. Can you explain the settings for me?


    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    if you have head/hand from ps eye
    and body from kinect then I think it shoud work.
    it is basically same scenario as when rift or vive works for head/hands.


    Great that you have implemented ps eye with ps move service! I think using buttons for locomotion to go forwards and backwards would be nice, there are 2 grip buttons in your bindings right now. Is there any way to modify?


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