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    adam bastillaadam bastilla


    I’m trying to get Driver4VR to work with my WindowsMR VR device. I use a Samsung Odyssey+ and an XBox 360 Kinect, with Windows 10 1809. I am able to run through the entire calibration setup, which works fine, and the two feet and hip tracker show up perfect on the wireframe and inside of the SteamVR initial VR area.

    When I launch VRChat and any other SteamVR game while Driver4VR is running, I receive “Failed to load input bindings” with the customize bindings window, and while games such as Beat Saber / Super Hot work fine, I am unable to do anything in VRChat. Inside of VRChat, I see two beige dots for my feet, and one for my hip which track appropriate, but my avatar stays in a T-pose and none of my controller bindings work.

    I have wiped my SteamVR configs out, reinstalled VRChat and SteamVR, but it still happens no matter what.

    Is there some setting I need to change to fix this issue? I will be submitting logs via the contact form after I post this message. Thanks for any help.

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    can you check if you don’t have bindings for vive trackers as held in hand ?
    they should be assigned to body part by default.

    adam bastillaadam bastilla


    I’m not exactly sure how to check this. I’ve reset my SteamVR controller / input bindings to default in the UI that pops up, but is there another place to do this?

    Thanks, Adam

    adam bastillaadam bastilla

    This is what my bindings page looks like as well, for the tracker.


    adam bastillaadam bastilla

    Hello, are there any other suggestions? I’m unable to use the purchased software. Is there a way I can reset my steamvr bindings to default? I have tried to delete all the configuration files, and remove Steamvr and reinstall it but no luck.


    I have the exact same problem. I’m using my smartphone with VRidge, Kinekt 360, and the wii controllers.
    When I’m trying to have full track from kinekt (head, hands and body), it sais “Failed to load input bindings for VRchat, please select another binding options”.
    The character appears with the T-bone position, and I see 3 white balls around (wraist and the 2 legs), and I’m unable to do anything.

    However, if I disable only the body tracking, everything works perfect and i don’t have any problem with bindings

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    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    you need to click close on first screen.

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