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    I discovered a small problem with D4, my headset and the station are off so not connected to the PC.

    I run DCS, because I want to do a mission and there I do not need the VR, and what is painful is that This driver seems to take the step hard DCS World and it closes me DCS.

    Before without this driver D4 if if my headset is unplugged and I run DCS without VR Dcs launched normally.

    Now D4, no longer allows me to use DCS without VR!

    here video mp4: http://img.cd91.eu/DCS/valveIndex/D4.mp4


    Greg Driver

    driver4vr ui can be either launched from the shortcut or when steamvr is launching.
    in this case it must be that steamvr is starting and then steamvr will start driver4vr ui.
    you can try running Installer shortcut and then unregister driver. then try dcs with out headset. i am sure it will start vr as well. then you can launch d4installer app and register.



    merci pour le conseil.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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