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    So, atm I have an oculus with kinect 360. Is there any indepth guide to do colour tracking?

    Do I just need glowing balls and attach them to my feet to track orientation? Or do I need the PS move controllers?

    I’d like to have rotational tracking of my hips and legs while in vrchat.


    Specifically, Does colour tracking let you rotate and angle your hips and legs (with kinect 360) independently from your head? At the moment, using skeleton, my feet and hips turn the same way as my head(headset/oculus).

    If it does let you turn/rotate independently from each other- how does it work? Do I just need coloured balls and strap them to my feet? Or do I need something like a pingpong ball with a coloured LED light? or do I need to buy an actual tracker like PS Move?

    Sorry- I’m new to this.


    Can i put multiple ones on so that I have a ball on front back left and right of each part so I can turn around?

    One way to get around batteries would be to use florescent pingpong balls with a blacklight. Going to give that a try.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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