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    Oskari RuokoniemiOshgari

    Could this work?:


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    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    this ball is almost perfect cause it gives unified light but unfortunately it is a bit dark.
    you can still use it by making exposure of kinect bigger (either manually kinect 360 or by parameter for One). Or make a manually lower range of Value component of HSV filter. Unfortunately automatic calibration will not work and you must enter range for HSV manually (not that hard). I might do something to address it like option to make lower colour threshold or simply find brightest without any threshold.
    Both options in circle.

    Driver4VR colour calibrating dark colour

    Like said, it will be no perfect because brightness is very average compared to other elements at home and ps move would be ideal.
    Honestly I spent days on looking for perfect bulb out of the shelf 🙂
    If you or anyone find something cool then please post here.

    anyway I ordered like 10 pieces to give around and everyone loves it 🙂

    Oskari RuokoniemiOshgari

    Just found out that with one CR1620 battery, it can run for only 3h so…

    Oskari RuokoniemiOshgari

    One can buy these, if there is some extra money in your pocket:

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    i was goign to try led candles. they look promising but the shape is not handy.
    will order few next year for testing 🙂

    Oskari RuokoniemiOshgari

    Maybe this could work? At least if you put it inside a ping-pong ball.

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    Oskari RuokoniemiOshgari
    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    problem with last one is that it is not a ball. so view will be limited.
    the previous link I have actually at home and I think alone it was working not so well. i will try with pingpong – if I find one before xmas 🙂

    Andrei KovalevAndrei Kovalev

    Almost perfect https://goo.gl/9mUBGS

    Christian BollmannBollean


    Want to share my experience.

    Bought this one:

    -cut the acrylglass to see whats inside.
    -cut a ping-pong ball. I needed a round piece to change the color from white to magenta.
    -I took 2 round pieces and put it one around the other. With one piece, the light was “too white”. 2 pieces made it darker, but more colorful.
    -glued it all together.
    -powered with a battery pack.

    Works very good!

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    parisi andreaparisi andrea
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