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    Hello all,

    has anyone on this forum, including perhaps Greg, actually played Arizona sunshine with driver4vr and using PS Move controllers?

    My set up is a samsung s9 plus, inside a Google Daydream headset, Kinect V2 for head and body tracking (soon to try moving to a total of 4 PS move cameras instead – hoping that may improve the tracking), and the PS Move (v2) controllers….

    In Arizona Sunshine, I am in the cabin at the start, but cannot teleport anywhere.. I can snap turn on the spot but that is all… Yet in Steam VR Home, all is well, Beat Saber, all is well…. So what am I missing?

    Greg , what options do I have for controller setups in this game?

    Look forward to replies, and help.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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