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-so you are saying that rotation get’s worse after you start driver4vr ?

Yes. Rotations are MUCH worse and choppy when using driver4vr. when not using it, they are butter smooth.

-also position tracking is precise but choppy. yes?


-what you mean that ‘tracking using psmovefreepiebridge is basically perfect’ ? do you mean tracking of position of headset in vr or only view in configuratino of psmoveservice ?

I’m refering to the tracking of the position of the headset in the configuration view of psmoveserivice. It’s butter smooth there, but only there, even when testing AT THE SAME TIME with an actual vr app (for instance Steam VR house) already opened. Of course I did that only for testing purposes and to test if there was something wrong once the vr app was running but not, the app is choppy while at the same time the config view is butter smooth.

-also one more thing.. can you tell me how is your cpu utilisation when it all works?
sorry for so many questions but sympthoms are unclear for me.

Sure, usage is quite low…plenty of room for more usage.