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The rotation pivot is now correct but it rotates the wrong way. When I use my right controller to rotate I end up turning 90 degrees to my left. This also happens when rotating with the default setting of the chaperone as the pivot. Maybe some people like it like this? Can we get a tick box to choose?

As for not rotating the chaperone. Yes you are correct. By leaving it in place you could end up walking somewhere the game doesn’t want you to go. However if you had a large play space and you stood in the far corner and used snap move to go near a wall you’d still be able to do this anyway! The onus in VR is on the player to respect the game.
And anyway, let’s consider the situation as it is currently. By rotating the chaperone with the world it no longer aligns with your room. I could walk up to and be stood right next to a wall that exists in my house (not the game). Then I rotate and the chaperone rotates with the game world. Now it looks like I can continue moving in the same direction so I take a step forward and WHAM… Broken nose.

I really can’t see that anyone would want it as it currently is? Surely other people are using this in conjunction with steamvr room setup? Have you guys not encountered these issues?