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Ok Greg,
I updated to the latest SteamVR and Driver4VR, and the problem persists.

My tracking in the visualiser is perfect, and tracking in SteamVR is way off. I recorded two videos doing the same hand movements/gestures each time. As you can see, in SteamVR it just freaks out. If I move my hands out and in, one hand will appear, and the other will take a few seconds. Then one hand might control both controllers.

I had to trim the videos to be able to send them to you, hope you can see enough there.

Also, the controllers seem way too far out. I am using +12 in the video, with +20 they are almost at the edges of the screen.

Hope you can see what I am talking about. One more thing I will try is going back to the old Pimax drivers, to see if they messed it up. Will report back.


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  • This reply was modified 6 years ago by JonnyJonny.
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