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Sorry about my first post! I made it sound like it was all working; but reality is that I was only able to get it working in terms of moving the arms in game; after about 1 out of 30 or so tries. (A flustering process; with disappointing results)

I’m really not that far ahead of you in terms of actually getting it working; except for the silver nugget of the arms moving up in down in a conjoined way.

I tried again this morning to get it working with your options in the Image above for up to 4 hours. I didn’t manage to get any results at all!

I feel like everyone who has gotten it working actually owns a physical Oculus Headset or Vive 🙁

When I got it working (in terms of actually moving the arms up and down in the game) is when I had Head tracking set to OFF; and body/trackers set to ON.

I also feel like at one point I was able to get color calibration working for either the head or body- which could’ve contributed towards the success of actually moving the arms. (Goldfish memory; cant remember if that was it)

Our progress (or lack thereof) could be due to only owning a single PSMove; and that my success of actually moving the arms was rare luck.

I have a second PSMove ordered and on the way around the 17th- and will report back if owning a second one makes a difference!

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