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  • in reply to: Release 3.10.8 – FPS info, rotation fix #4115

    Has anyone managed to install the update? I keep getting this error message: “The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program.”

    Also, Windows Defender warns me about the file as well, it hasn’t happened before. I’ve tried redownloading it about 3 or 4 times and I still get the error message.

    Using Windows 10 x64 Pro

    [Edit] Running it as admin gives me the same message.

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    in reply to: Windows Mixed Reality #3576

    I’ve had the feet being attached to one foot problem too. I’ve found that sometimes setting the character to run partially fixes it, however I still have the issue of the feet of the avatar not reaching far enough to make a full stretch when doing a kick, or not reaching the hand when I put the foot and the controller right next to each other.

    I still need to make more tests, but seems like my WMR is having connection issues with my ASMedia usb based ports (the ones I have for my motherboard, basically). I’m waiting on a USB expansion PCIe card to arrive to see if that fixes the issues I have with it.

    in reply to: Windows Mixed Reality #3416

    I’ve been doing many tests and doesn’t seem like the Kinect and WMR are interfering. However I’ve noticed the Kinect isn’t calibrating quite well. I’ve tried raising my foot to hand level and placed it right next to the controller, and there was quite a considerable distance between them (almost a thigh of distance).

    Also, (this is a suggestion, not sure if it is possible to do for you) I’ve noticed the hips and feet rotate with the headset. Do you think you could eventually add an option to use the angle of the thigh+leg bones to calculate the rotation of the feet and the position of the beginning of the thighs to calculate the pelvis? I wish I could code to write for you the solution I have in mind… but in a nutshell, if it helps, my idea is grabbing the beginning of the thigh joints, draw a vector between them, and set a perpendicular vector that serves as rotation for the hip bones.

    in reply to: Windows Mixed Reality #3221

    (I can’t seem to edit the post anymore so I have to make a new post)
    Okay, I did a few things and it seems to have improved things, some:
    · I decided to empty the room entirely, just to make sure the kinect wouldn’t be confused with any objects in the surroundings
    · I have relocated the kinect to a higher altitude and used the elevation range, so it would have a better coverage of the floor area
    · I installed SteamVR, beta branch
    · I updated Driver4VR to the latest version

    Things I’ve observed that are different to before:
    · The calibration error of the HMD vs the Kinect head seems much lower now
    · I get proper hip and leg trackers now, it seems, although the hip and legs seem a little off at times. I’ve used the elevation modifier, it helps, but it’s still not as good as your full body tracking videos
    · At random times the Mixed Reality Portal goes nuts and won’t detect the headset anymore for some reason. Although it was a lot of trouble in the past, for some reason this time I was able to get the headset detected again after closing everything and reopening.
    · I’ve tried VRChat, it seemed more or less good, however my legs don’t seem to stretch out enough, and avatars have legs bent. Doing air kicks don’t seem to stretch the leg entirely, as if the skeleton doesn’t scale accordingly.

    in reply to: Windows Mixed Reality #3220

    Do you recommend any app in specific? I’m not familiar with apps that use Kinect other than iPi recorder, so I don’t know which ones would gather the information you need. Thing is, your driver, when hitting “configure”, tracks the skeleton perfectly (The pink background with the green skeleton), even when facing to the sides. I only seem to get problems when I try to get SteamVR to track them. (Maybe I could just be doing something wrong, though).

    While waiting on your reply, I will try installing the beta branch of SteamVR and trying to clear up more space in the room, just in case.

    in reply to: Windows Mixed Reality #3205

    I’ve tried with Kinect 360, Dell as well. I managed to get it somewhat working once with VRChat, but not for long, and it was very finicky. I couldn’t get it calibrated correctly and it only worked once, every other time I was sinking in the ground no matter what I tried. Also, it seems that driver4vr makes me lose tracking of the controllers very often as well.

    I tried both full body and upper body, I couldn’t get consistent and/or satisfying results so far.

    in reply to: Windows Mixed Reality #3148

    I have noticed the limited space with Kinect (or even two kinects), when using iPiSoft for motion capture, although iPiSoft supported backwards facing, just buggy. However, some sort of body tracking to compensate for the WMR limitations would still be nice, even if it’s front facing only.

    I’m not sure if this is asking for too much, but how about using the WMR orientation to determine if you are facing backwards? Just tossing ideas.

    Either way, I’m glad you are going to support WMR. I can’t wait to see what you can come up with. People like you are making the full VR market accessible to more people, and that’s a great thing.

    in reply to: Windows Mixed Reality #3146

    I’ve been wondering about that. Is Kinect restricted to front only? I remember reading you had plans on doing 360º (back facing) gameplay.

    I don’t own a Kinect One (v2) though, and I don’t know how many here do. Does it differ too much from the 360?

    in reply to: Windows Mixed Reality #3127

    I thought of a few ways you could improve the default WMR controller detection using the Kinect skeleton, but I’m not sure if they’d be possible for you to do. I’ll give them anyways in case you want to investigate them. Perhaps you could add them all and let the user choose the way they want it to act?

    A few things to note regarding the controller tracking of the WMR:
    – It has a limited range because of the headset tracking (Field of View)
    – The controller rotations seem to be always accurate regardless of their position, they should always be used if possible.
    – When a controller is out of range, it will completely freeze in place position-wise until it comes in range again. Rotation still works.
    – I couldn’t find anywhere if you can check if the controller tracking was lost or not. I do notice the controllers start blinking when they are out of range, though. At least, in the Mixed Reality Portal, I can see the controller status goes from Ready to “Lost Tracking”.

    Now, for the ideas/suggestions on how to improve the tracking, (Note, they are separate ideas, unrelated to each other). Since the controller rotation is always accurate regardless of its position, it should only override positions, not rotations. Anyway, here they go:
    – Use the controller positions until goes out of range relative to the headset rotation (perhaps a calibration is needed to calculate the area where the controller goes out of range?) then Kinect hand position takes over.
    – When controler stays in the same position for too long, d4vr assumes it lost tracking and lets the Kinect skeleton takes over.
    – Another one could be to always use kinect skeleton but still reads the controller rotation. Try to use controller if the Kinect skeleton is too obfuscated
    – (Probably one of the most practical) If the Kinect skeleton hand is too far from the controller hand, and the Kinect skeleton isn’t obfuscated, assume it has lost positional tracking and let the Kinect skeleton take over said hand. This method could be good in case a controller is obfuscated by the other (It has happened to me, at least).
    – (Assuming you can read if the controller is correctly tracked or not) Let Kinect simply take over a hand while a controller has lost tracking.

    Hope you find any of these ideas useful 🙂

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    in reply to: Windows Mixed Reality #3093

    Yeah, I am from Spain! And yes, customs can get bad. If you could get a friend who’s coming to bring it to you to save shipping, it’d be really convenient.

    Regarding the headsets, yeah, people say the Dell is the most comfortable, but I’ve heard the Acer (and possibly the HP) have issues connecting. The samsung behaves a little different to the others: it includes its own headphones incorporated, and the IPD is set through hardware, not software. It is also more expensive, and I don’t think it has gone down in price like the others during the offer, and at that price you could get the Oculus, which although doesn’t have as much resolution and such a simple setup, doesn’t require win10 (I believe), and doesn’t have the tracking limitations of the WMR.

    I would rather Greg to get one without refunding so he can dedicate more time to develop for it. I believe it is a great, cost-effective option and it could use some love.

    in reply to: Windows Mixed Reality #3075

    Greg, depending where you are living right now, you can get a WMR off for a much cheaper price than usual because of an offer Microsoft did.

    People seem to argue that either Dell and Lenovo are the best ones. We got ourselves Dells, although I have a problem that from time to time the headset disconnects for some reason. (Seems like the specific USB port you connect it to might have an influence on that, there are some specific USB 3 ports in my motherboard which are pretty stable), but she doesn’t have that issue herself. I can’t talk about other headsets, however, I found this Youtuber named Blunty who tried them all at the Paxaus (or something like that) and recommended the Dell over the others. That influenced me on my decision.

    I was able to get mine using a mail proxy service (One that receives the packages and then ships them to me), although depending where you live this can get more or less expensive.

    My wife got it for $200, I got it for around $260+customs because the price started going up by the time I got paid. Good luck!

    in reply to: Windows Mixed Reality #3063

    Hello, I wanted to add myself to the poll of people wanting WMR support, and if possible, change my VR setup to WMR (I’m not sure how to change it in my profile). I just got my Dell WMR headset and was able to give it a test run with Kinect today, unfortunately, I was trying it with Kinect, but I keep having a few issues.

    1) For some reason, when the Driver4VR is running, seems like the controller is prone to lose pairing and jitter a LOT. The headset is fine, though.
    2) When doing the calibration, I am doing head off, hands off, bodytracking on. I am able to calibrate the body and it looks like it gives little error even on the stats, even the skeleton in the pink screen looks pretty good, however, when trying it in a VR experience, the Driver4VR bodytracking controllers are always on the ground or spazzing about and screwing up the WMR controllers. (Also, trying it in VRChat, instead of the balls, I see additional controllers with red buttons, which are on the ground)=
    3) The VRChat avatar is pulled downwards, probably trying to reach the controllers on the ground
    4) Would it be possible to add support for the WMR controllers to act like Oculus Touch? I tried emulating the Oculus controllers but VRChat still detects them as VIVE. This is useful, because that way we could comfortably use the joystick in the controllers to move the character
    5) At times, when finishing the VR experience with Driver4VR when playing a SteamVR game, the headset goes “bluescreen”, and the mixed reality portal won’t respond anymore, hanging up the process explorer for some reason. I haven’t had this problem when not running D4VR

    I will post more issues as I find them. I really think Driver4VR has great potential, but it’s a little “raw” at the moment. If you could add support for WMR, I will probably purchase another license for my wife, as she also got a WMR for her computer. 🙂

    EDIT: I forgot to mention, I am using Kinect 360.

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