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  • Cheolwoo LimBoronare

    guys… just download from here the new version still supports testing feature.

    Cheolwoo LimBoronare

    by using this app before run driver4vr, I could decrease exposure time so cam could recognize rapidly moving marker.
    by increase brightness and maximize contrast and gamma, I could compensate low exposure.
    lots of noise there, of course, but no matter for recognizing trackers.

    to Greg : Is it a hard job to make marker size float?
    It’s even better than kinect now I think. but some defect exists.
    they are what I said last time.
    1.Marker size param is integer.
    2.Camera tilt not available.
    I want them to be fixed asap…

    And some complements needed :
    1.Supporting more markers. hip tracker very necessary(not for me : using cv1 3rd touch as tracker…), and somebody wants head/hand tracking like nolo. so maybe up to 6?
    2.Calibration interface
    3.exposure/etc setting for webcam native. low priority? : can use app I attached instead.
    4.Supporting multiple cams : better than supporting opposite facing secondary marker..?
    5.supporting 5th marker : for low computing power system…?

    ed) oh.. exe file upload is forbidden… it’s VideoCap.exe by Alcor Micro Corp.

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    Cheolwoo LimBoronare

    1. Is there any plan about supporting multiple webcams?
    It might be much easier compare to supporting multiple kinects issue.
    …System resource usage matters, but it’s trivial.

    2. I could not find vertical angle calibration. Is there a feature? or having any plan about it?

    Cheolwoo LimBoronare

    I printed one and it was 12.5cm each. but the size param only accepts integer value. can you fix it to float?

    in reply to: limiting Waist tracker up to 180deg to head #14948
    Cheolwoo LimBoronare

    Sry.. As I think of it, +-180deg is 360… Then, how about 90degree or a bit more?

    Anyway, I think it can be corrected by this method..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)