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    Been about 2 months. Any progress to report on the Windows Mixed Reality side of things for Driver4Vr? =)


    Does the Kinect have to be in front of you, looking towards the front of your body? Could Driver4VR be made to work, just as well, with a kinect mounted behind you?

    Because if you could mount the kinect on the wall behind you, so that it’s facing towards the back of your body, then the kinect will be able to see the controllers in every circumstance where the WMR’s cameras could not and vice versa.


    @BCRS Having the Kinect behind you is a great idea. Actually, I would recommend that kind of setup for VR in most cases when possible. That is, to have the TV/monitor/desk/PC and in this case, a Kinect mounted on the display, to be behind you relative to what is considered “forward” in VR space.

    Most of the VR experiences I’ve encountered generally have you interacting and moving in a forward direction. Having all of that expensive and painful to smack equipment in front of you where you can’t see and are flailing your arms around is potentially a recipe for disaster. In my space, I have soft couch cushions in front of me so if I get too immersed and start smacking things in the real world, it’s most likely going to be something soft and not expensive. This is also why I try to keep myself facing “forward” in VR space.

    This is a situation where having a Kinect behind you would be ideal. You’re trying to stay facing forward in VR space anyway, so it would be fairly rare to end up in a position where the Kinect isn’t providing optimal tracking assistance.

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    i have same thoughts. i will give it a go at some point and try but cannot tell now when.


    Hello. Immediately apologize for weak English because I translated through a translator.
    Soon I will have WMR (lenovo explorer).
    I would like to know how he works in a pair with kinect in vrchat?
    And which is better kinect choose 360 ​​or one?

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    for wmr better is kinect one for body tracking.


    Thank you.

    BRETT CIZMARlove_wmr

    I am particularly interested in
    2.2 also add supplemental tracking for wmr.

    I’m willing to help with this and have some of my own ideas on how to accomplish this.

    The problem is I have no idea (or if it’s even possible) to modify/work with the software for WMR controllers. Where and how can we listen for when the controllers leave the WMR headset “sweet spot” (inside out tracking) to hand off tracking to the kinect? Obviously there is something happening with Microsofts own tracking software that has some value to say “THIS HAS LEFT THE FRONT SENSORS, SWITCH NOW” but how are we going to access that?

    I’m not sure if there is some way to hook into SteamVR to accomplish this but I feel like SteamVR is just acting as a wrapper around Windows own drivers for WMR.

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    BRETT CIZMARlove_wmr

    Just an update, I’ve added a thread to the Steam Community Forums here that is relevant to this subject:

    Peng HerPeng Her

    I just bought a used HP WMR set for $100. Is it possible to use Driver4VR for head tracking for Oculus Go (bc HP HMD sucks 95 FOV..Booo) and hand tracking for WMR controllers while maintaining the functional buttons?


    I am using HP WMR and would love if you can add those features. MWR are going wild in the market as they are cheaper and easy setup.

    any updates? (: we highly appreciate your efforts on this matter

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