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    I’m having some issues with connecting 2 Vr box controllers to windows, it only connect to one, I was reading but maybe the anniversary update made this, I don’t know.

    And with the only controller connected I didn’t understand how to setup the keys in the software, maybe my bad xP.

    Thanks o/


    I use one of them and another controller, and had the same problem. The other controller shared the same driver, and only one would work. Think it is just bad drivers.I tried with other controllers and they work together.


    Oh I see, but what controller did you used? Ps Move controllers? The setup with them seems to be more effective…


    I have the same problem, has anyone managed to get two VR Box controllers working together?


    I have one of these controllers that I am trying to use as a trigger for leap motion when I connect it via Bluetooth it thinks it is a keyboard, when I set up a joystick it only recognizes the two front buttons but when I try and set it up in driver4vr nothing registers. Any help would be great

    Alexandre Travialexbrasil

    me too , same problem ! the controller work in wiondows , but in Drive4vr assign but , not mapping anything. I was still unlucky to buy this shit of control that shows in the tutorials, but it doesn’t work. now I also don’t know how to solve.

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    Stefan TST
Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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