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    I’ve tried Driver4VR and although it’s close, there’s just a few too many issues that keep me from using it – but I know it can do better (since Greg’s video on YouTube shows this). One of the most obvious issues I have is that the Kinect loses my legs when I sit down. In Greg’s video, he’s on the floor and it’s tracking his legs just fine.

    I’m mainly thinking of two things:

    – The placement of the Kinect (distance/ angle)
    – The clothing being worn (bright colors, different colors for top/bottom, socks, patterns etc)

    I’m also not sure if the lighting in the room matters.

    What is the optimal set-up for Kinect to perform body tracking for VRChat?

    I also have an issue where my KB/M disconnect after a little while. I think the MoBo might be overloaded, USB-wise, and I need them. Could someone confirm this?

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    hi. do you have kinect one or 360 ?
    i don’t think lighting matters.
    do you have any other problems then body tracking loss when sitting ?
    do you use it also for head/hand tracking ?
    definitely it makes tracking more difficult if you have wide throusers.
    i put kinect about 2 meters high looking down to ensure it covers whole body.


    Kinect for Xbox One. I’m just using it for legs/ hips. I since tried putting the Kinect up higher and it does a better job when I’m sitting (still missing most of the leg movement, but it does something now).

    I’ll try putting it even higher and point it down, as you’ve suggested.

    Perhaps the biggest issue I’m having is how the framerate on the Kinect tracking seems to fall dramatically when I open VRChat (and then seems to persist once I’ve closed VRChat). It’s not a CPU issue (pleasantly surprised on that front) – I think it might be a USB bandwidth issue. I’ve had problems with my KB/M disconnecting after a bit when using Driver4VR in VRChat, which might be related.

    I have 3 sensors, the Rift, the Kinect, my Keyboard (2 USB slots) and my mouse. Is the mobo getting overloaded, perhaps?

    Thanks for the advice.

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    you can try play with 2 rift sensors and see result.


    @bluekun I don’t think a mobo will ever get overloaded if you use the supported number of USB slots.. I mean it would’t have as many slots in the first place if it couldn’t handle them.. Your problem might be your power settings.. Your pc can automatically set usb connections to “sleep mode” if it categorizes them as “not needed”. I had that problem with my oculus when it was connected for a long time without me using it. I think you can check this setting when you go to the device manager find the USB you want to check on, right click –> properties –> power management.. there should be a box you can tick to prevent it from being set into “sleep mode” if I remember correctly..

    Oh and I have the problem with sitting too.. the model in vrchat sits down but only with angled legs, as it loses track of them.. I am no longer able to stretch or move my legs.. otherwise the body tracking is working fine for me.

    Kaeden IrvineTheDunkShot

    I have issues sitting down in vr when using the xbox 360 kinect. My body stays in the sensors view but my legs dont track if the hip gets covered or if i kick too high i lose teacking. I checked the calibration view and when i do sit down the left and right leg goes from green to just a line.


    @TheDunkShot Yes, that’s exactly what happened to me too.. I was able to improve it by placing the kinect approximately 3 metres in front of me at a height of 2 metres so it tracks me from above. I made sure to angle the kinect correctly as well so it can see my legs even when sitting! I can sit down and move my legs to the left and right and slighty up and down. If I move them too far up when sitting it loses track again but otherwise it’s fine. The bad thing about this setup is your playarea in which your legs work when standing.. It will be very limited since your head will be out of the tracking area when you get too close to the kinect.. I can maybe do 1 step forwards and backwards and like 3 steps sidewards. If I do more than that the legs will glitch out..

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