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    Tolga KurtMendrael


    I need some help please. I’m quite confused with all the devices and methods of combining them for VR. So let me first tell what my equipment is so far in total, my aim is to get a roomscale setup with minimal space usage, primarily for VRChat:

    1x PSVR
    2x PS3 Move Controller
    4x JoyCon Controller
    2x PS3 Eye Camera
    1x Kinect 360

    I don’t have that much room space so I thought of using the Kinect for lower body tracking as well as two Eye Cameras to track two Move Controller (and use them as actual controller).

    So if I understand correctly, combining kinect for lower body and the two cameras for “upper body” would result in a full roomscale setup and I would also circumvent the problem with the kinect not tracking too bright colors by focusing it on the lower body (and thus not tracking any kind of color because the ps3 cams do that), right?

    And do I need any kind of body or head tracker then? I connected the PSVR to my PC today the very first time and the head tracking worked without any kind of cameras or trackers so I guess the built in headtracker should be enough?

    Thanks for reading and helping a newbie!

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