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    so I wanted to get started with VR but don’t have the budget for a vive or an oculus.
    I searched a bit and finally came to the following setups:
    1.) 2 PS Move Controllers, one “Led Ping Pong Ball” for Headtracking and 4 PS Move Cams
    2.) 2 PS Move Controllers and only one Xbox360/ Xbox One Kinect
    Cams for room scale tracking
    VR Headset will be my smartphone with VR Ridge
    What config makes the most sense here?
    If I use config 1, I probably will have the best room tracking right?
    With config 2, I will have full body tracking but not the best room scale?
    What makes the most sense?
    Best wishes


    Any suggestions?

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    you gave answer in your question. depends what you need.
    kinect one will give you better quality even though only 180 degree.


    Ah, thanks. But for a small room (2×2 meters), the kinect will probably be enough? Is there an optimal angle, you should mount the kinect?
    Best wishes

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    Is dual kinect a possibility for 360?

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