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    Hello all

    So I have been working on building out a VR set on a budget by using VRcat and an Xbox 360 kinect I had laying around. So the headtracking from Riftcat is fantastic no issue but I am trying to get arm tracking setup using the Xbox360 Kinect. The issue I am running into is no matter WHAT i do the kinect always gives me the SAME ERROR! “It seems HMD is not tracking please check and Resume calibration”. First off WHAT IS HMD! Literally I can’t find anything that explains what it means by the HMD is messing up. Also how do I fix it I can’t get ANY part of the calibration to work AT ALL.


    HMD Means Head Mounted Display, such a an Oculus or Vive headset.


    I am suing RiftCat and a HTC One M9 will this still work? I am facing issues with it getting past calibration all it does is repeat “It seems HMD is not tracking. Please check and resume calibration” no matter what I try I can’t get passed calibration any idea what is causing the hold up.

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    Same issue with PSVR…

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    turn head tracking ON

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