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    I am using the PSmoveservice with 2 pseye cameras and using Driver4vr with vridge. Ps move controllers are working fine and the ping pong ball is being tracked in the config but the hmd is not being tracked in steam vr. I am also running latest freepie as well. Any fix for this?
    Thank you

    Greg Driver

    can u enable freetrack source and in setting check if it gets coordinates?


    I had the same issue, but I fixed it just now

    For some reason I had an older version of freepie bridge (probably because I followed a very old free track guide on google) that is not compatible. Turns out you have to use freepie bridge version 16 or later.


    Thanks, sersoft. Now it works for me too. But now I’ve got another problem – when I move in one direction, in SteamVR it moves in the opposite. Where to dig? In the PSMoveConfigTool all are correct

    Greg Driver


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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