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    t dizzlet dizzle

    Would it be possible to have a spare set of touch controllers, and through your wizardry, have control of what goes where such as leg or hip tracking? I am honestly not sure if a rift will pick up multiple pairs of controllers at the same time but just a thought. Or even, use our controllers on our legs and emulate the arms, use locomotion to run around, idunno lol. Just a thought, cheers to the great program and work! Much respec’!

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    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    it can pick up only 3 touch controllers.

    Ronny PelizzoliBiohazz69

    Hi i Sell the KAT Loco. KAT loco is a foot-based VR locomotion system that grants complete physical control over the lower-body actions, allowing you to freely walk, run, strafe, and carry out just any other movements you might need in your virtual adventures!maybe this can work?

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