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    John Billsjables

    Hey all – just getting into all of this and can’t seem to find info on what the best setup for Tilt Brush might be. I’ve got Beat Saber running (which was nice and easy) but now have acquired my next target. 🙂

    It seems like for that “Vive” style setup, you need 6dof all around.

    Would old PS Move controllers work ok, or is there some requirement they don’t hit?

    For a headset, what would make a good option – I don’t have anything in place here since I’ve only been running “look forward” games like Beat Saber and boxVR to this point. I have a Google Cardboard on hand and have been successfully using a Kinect 360, seems to be working ok. Would that or any of the others give 6dof for the ead more easily or accurately? (If what I have qualifies, I can get iVry or something like that and give it a go, but I can’t tell if kinect is enough for 6dof)

    What would be the sweetest budget setup that would be Tilt Brush capable? It’s hard to find anyone who’s doing it without a proper VR setup – the google results just get lost in a sea of people using it on psvr and the like. Thanks!

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    John Billsjables

    The more I looked into it, going super budget didn’t make much sense – a pair of old PS Moves can be had for like $55-60, but for not much more ($120) I was able to get a Dell Visor and that took care of the head tracking and added a much better viewer without the lag of trying to do it with a phone, which will probably save our eyeballs.

    Coincidentally, Tilt Brush just went end of line and they open sourced it 5 days ago. There’s already a release:

    Fired it up on the new (old) Visor tonight for the first time, and the kids loved it. Success!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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