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    Gudi GotgalfGudi Gotgalf

    I wanted to test body tracking with a Kinect (and also test PS move controllers later) before buying a big PC and an expensive graphics card (besides the HMD, I currently have only an Oculus Go).

    But Driver4VR doesn’t start, because SteamVR doesn’t detect a HMD.

    Is there any way to start Driver4VR and do at least the skeleton tracking calibration and test, without actually having an AMD or Nvidia card with connected HMD?


    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    i am relying on steamvr so must have something that it recognize as headset.

    Jaztin As-SiddiqJaztin As-Siddiq

    You should be able to connect the Oculus Go through Riftcat and it will be recognized as an HMD. My current setup uses the Go; I actually traded my Rift for it due to the freedom the wireless solution gives me ~

    jamie jarzembskijamie jarzembski

    you could try adding “forcedDriver”: “null”, to your steamvr.vrsettings file

    it would go after “steamvr” something like this

    “steamvr” : {

    “forcedDriver”: “null”,

    other stuff


    jamie jarzembskijamie jarzembski

    you may need this pasted in at the end of the file as well for it to work cant remember i did it a while ago

    “driver_null” : {
    “enable”: true,
    “id”: “Null Driver”,
    “serialNumber”: “Null 4711”,
    “modelNumber”: “Null Model Number”,
    “windowX”: 100,
    “windowY”: 100,
    “windowWidth”: 1920,
    “windowHeight”: 1080,
    “renderWidth”: 1344,
    “renderHeight”: 1512,
    “secondsFromVsyncToPhotons”: 0.1,
    “displayFrequency”: 90

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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