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    Steve DeRuyterdaroota

    I’ve tried this in a few games and it seems to be consistant, but tonight I was trying to figure out why in Beat saber.

    What happens:
    Start Driver4vr with PSmove service configured, and the controllers have free movement in the calibration and in the orientation menu test in driver4vr.

    Headset on, it’s still all ok.

    Open game, and hit select to calibrate orientation and the left PS move controller (in vr) becomes stuck in it’s pointed direction. I can move it around, but it’s only looking in that one direction. Right controller is fine. (Using PS move controllers from a ps3 and a ps4 results in the same.)

    I can change the controllers so they are swapped, but the right controller always gets stuck.

    the default pointer is the right when I start games, but I have to use the trigger on the left so that I can click, as the right won’t select when the trigger is pulled.

    Well I managed to just drop the right ps move controller and noticed that with body tracking I was able to properly control the right side.

    It’s kind of frustrating as I’ve had my psvr for 4 months now and it’s a chore to deal with.

    Any tips? directions? Thanks

    Can the PS3 Eye cams be configured via the services that is loaded with driver4vr?

    Using Ivry for the headset driver, without it’s integration for psmove.

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    Steve DeRuyterdaroota

    It works without the driver4vr, but not with. I think you should allow for more customization’s in your integration of the psmoveservice.

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