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    I randomly said heck. I’m a software engineer, I want to check out how they built this program. So I reverse engineered the whole entire thing. I see the reason why people would want to make money off of a program like this but, I want to make an open source program like this for all people for free. So I think I’m gonna start a program that has all the same features, but for free. I’ll name it FreeDriver4VR. As I feel that the VR community could use some more people with full body tracking. As buying a kinect rather than the vive trackers seems to be a better option, unless you have the money. Feel free to respond to me if you’re interested in a free alternative to this. I have decompiled every dll in the Driver4VR folder, so I know which ones are linked to licensing and verification. Although it’s mostly done by one dll. It might take me about a day, but I should be able to easily bypass the verification process to receive an infinite free trial. At least for this version of the program. Of course now, this version of the program would be the only one to ever have such a crack. I wouldn’t mind giving the lead programmers tips on how to prevent such issues for later versions. I am not trying to ruin the business. I will say that what these developers have done so far is amazing. I will say though, that they need to give more care to the protection of their programs. But that’s what I’m here for. I’m just your average software engineer reverse engineering code. I would appreciate it if you made this software more accessible in the free trial version. Instead of giving it a time limit, you should just add restrictive features. It will bring in more popularity and make the bought product look more desirable. Since your web servers update the trial time on its side, it is not prone to being modified by the clock on a clients PC, but it is also not accurate in figuring out whether a person has actually utilized their trial. There are issues that happen when a person signs up for an account but doesn’t use it until they have a kinect sensor. This leaves Greg to do all the annoying work of having to extend people’s trials. Which believe it or not, might actually be pretty annoying for them. Since the trial doesn’t last infinitely there will always be this problem. There should be the Free and Premium business model put into place to make this a more successful program. Restricting premium features to the full version will make the free users want to buy it more. This with an effective experience with the Free program will lead to a higher total popularity. Don’t believe me? Check out Voicemod Voice Changer. They use the same Free and Premium model. Rather than setting a time limit, they have a really nice verified key method with allowed features. Revamping your RestSharp Authenticators would be the best way to start out right now. I am setting up this post for follow-up replies via email. I am looking forward to your responses. Nevertheless I will be here to offer suggestions on improvements on the c# side of things. This concludes my topic.

    PS. Leaving a bit of code snippets to prove that I accessed the authentication dlls. Too many photos for every dll’s code so I’ll just send 2 photos.

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