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    G. M.G. M.

    Hello Driver4Vr people! 😀

    I just realized, whenever I used SteamVR, the software Driver4VR launched too and thought I was using it as now I don’t have time trial left 😮
    I installed the program to see what I could get to implement head tracking, knowing that I receive the kinect tomorrow, is there a way to reset the time trial? I would prefer to try the software and the compatibility with the kinect before buying the gold membership.

    Also, why not make a 5 minute time trial like the one on Riftcat? You can fiddle with the program and different settings before finding the perfect one (or not) so you can choose to invest 🙂

    Can’t wait to try the head tracking! 😀


    fuck this software it gives us like fucken half a minute to play i loaded in to beat saber and it stopped when i just clicked a button

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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