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    Noa NymanNoa Nyman

    I absolutely love what you are doing and i believe it helps a lot of users that cant use vive trackers.
    Driver4vr doesent work even though i have dried to configure it many times it still doesesnt seem to work.
    It might be because i dont have much playroom and im kinda tall so it doesent track always properly.

    I bought gold membership 2 weeks ago in hopes of it working better but it doesent work so that why im requesting a refund if possible.
    (Sry for my bad english its late and english aint my national language)
    (also its old text for new topic bc i didnt tag refund and there has not been any response since i posted it)

    P.s it doesent remember my username or password even if i press remember button

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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