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    The orientation of the controllers is never right for me. I have them paired as normal. I have them assigned to left and right hands. I have the kinect sdk installed and its picking up my skeleton, but it just doesn’t seem like its working correctly. The controller buttons all work,and it looks like the rotation on the controllers works, but the tracking is terrible and i can’t seem to fix the issues. I am using the 360 kinect and 2 ps move controllers. one for each hand. I am using iVry on my iphone as the head tracker and it works WONDERFULLY. However, I wanted to expand the gaming experience by using Driver4VR to let me use the PS Move controlelrs to play more immersive games such as “Climbey” I know this can be done, and all i really need is some instructions on what i’m doing wrong. Am i not in a well lit enough area? or is it something else going on? i am using skeleton tracking for the hands.


    Have you done all the callibarition in the psMoveServices (2)? If the controllers are still not oriented like they should be then you have to point them to your sensor and hold select, This will re-orient them.


    I’ve done all calibrations and followed many tutorials on the subject. I can get the controllers pointing towards the correct direction by holding select, but it doesn’t change the fact that my controllers are nowhere near where they should be lol. They’re somewhere to the sides of me usually, like far left, or far right. Or sometimes behind me, and it appears that the controls and such work fine but the controllers don’t appear in space where my hands should be.. if that makes sense.


    I also have many issues and this is one of them. Have you tried to do the room setup in Steam VR? This improved it for me, though still not being perfect.

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    so you head is tracking properly but hand not. right?
    with skeleton they have very limited ability to track.
    what helps is to keep ps move in hand in way that ball is where your finger ends. this is not perfect but much improves tracking of skeleton.
    then you can set up colour tracking.
    let me know if that helped.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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