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    Rob van HintumRob van Hintum

    Is it possible to get custom mapping back in the steamvr.vrsettings file? or atleast an option to make custom mapping. As everything is working great and I am happy to use Driver4vr along with psmoveservice but it seems in the buttons for the psmove are remapped to do a snap turn which i dont need atm as Alyx already has a snap turn built in. So how do I get different button mapping back?

    Example below is how it used to work with steamvrbridge iirc

    “psmove”: {
    “meters_per_touchpad_units”: 0.075000002980232239,
    “move”: “touchpad”,
    “ps”: “system”,
    “rumble_suppressed”: true,
    “select”: “button_9”,
    “start”: “button_10”,
    “trigger”: “trigger”,
    “use_spatial_offset_after_touchpad_press_as_touchpad_axis”: true
    “psmove_touchpad_directions”: {
    “circle”: “touchpad_right”,
    “cross”: “touchpad_left”,
    “triangle”: “touchpad_up”,
    “square”: “touchpad_down”

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    not yet. sorry 🙁

    sergiy botsmansersoft

    I am also interested in this.

    Absolutely need to re-map those buttons or change how snap-turning works, as they rotate the steamvr “chaperone” virtually while my real-life room obviously can’t do that) so it may be an injury hazard as if I accidentally press it in the heat of gameplay and not notice, then I could bump into a wall or break something very easily like that

    Related to this, I’ve also got a psmove navigation controller and would love to be able to do smooth locomotion and weapon wheel in-game with its clickable analog stick(I could attach to one of my ps-moves), it gets detected as an x360 controller thanks to SCP toolkit but steamvr absolutely needs to think it’s a vive touchpad for this to work

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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