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    Hi, Greg, first of all thanks for the product.Tracking is really good for standing games only but when it comes to shooters: serious sam, quake 2 vr , etc.. it’s hard to move to desired direction.
    As developer myself i understand that it may take a shitload of time to implement proper key mapping system so i propose meanwhile to create 3-4 hardcoded profiles for standing games, shooters, etc..

    Personally all i want is just left controller move button will be mapped to forward(htc vive pad up if i’m correct), optionally playstation button of left controller as backwards and 4 buttons nearby will be mapped to diagonal strafing e.g. x as backward-left , o as backward-right and so on.

    And another short question: will it be possible to combine your kinect bulb tracking with ordinary ps eye cameras?You know: kinect from one side and let’s say 2 eye cameras + maybe webcam to ensure smooth 360 degree bulb tracking?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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