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    xander bowskillxander bowskill

    When I try and do the Calibration NEW option I stand still with my hands to my sides as it says but it tells me it that the kinect isn’t tracking my postion, then it says “could not identify left and right controller” on the screen of the calibration (where my skeleton should be) its just a black screen, any solutions?

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    so when you start driver4vr you can see fps to be 29 or 30?
    do you see trackers floating round somwwhere before calibration?
    does kinect still show 29-30 fps after you close calibration window?

    mojtaba farajollahimfg1372

    i have same problem.
    i connect my kinect 360 and select head track and hand track to Kinect Skeleton and calibrate the head calibrate to -1 and run room setup.
    but when start driver it will show one controller on my head and two controller doesn’t track my hand well.two controller in vrgame will move randomly and when i move my hand it move in some coordinate and then go to fixed position ( two controller are in my behind and both of them in same position not side of me ).
    how can i solve the problem?
    i use IVRY in iphone for headset

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    mojtaba farajollahimfg1372

    i tested app in virtual tracker now.
    i saw your youtube video for use keyboard and mouse instead vive controller.
    when i start driver4vr, two controller in vr screen will moved randomly and i cant control them.
    controller is top of my head and moved strange and even i cant see them

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    those were issues that when using for example mouse + kinect there were some of data still taken from mouse alone tracking. that sholud be already fixed.


    i download and test new version.
    it has bug.
    hand tracking by kinect not working

    Alexsandr Denisenkobigzcs@mail.ru

    the calibration of the position of the hands does not work, the head tracker works, the” skeleton ” of the hands shows, but does not register in the driver.

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