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    Dan McAleeseCryCoh

    I have some questions about the Kinect sensor and other devices such as the NoloVr set and the Razer Hydra controllers…

    1) Does Driver4Vr allow an option positional tracking of controllers to be done with the Kinect while maintaining controller orientation tracking to be done through the controller? I’d like to use either NoloVr controllers or Razer Hydra controllers for rotational data only while using the kinect sensor to track location.

    2) Does Driver4vr have an option to disable non-Driver4Vr controllers in Steamvr? I’m having trouble setting up only Driver4Vr emulated controllers while blocking out the original Nolo or Hydra controllers from SteamVr.

    2.1) Could (2) be conducted with editing SteamVr’s configs to not see or track certain devices that have green icons in the SteamVr window? If so, what would be the correct lines to add or edit, as I don’t want to mess up Driver4Vr’s config changes.

    3) Are NoloVr Controllers supported fully? I can’t seem to get them to work with Driver4VR

    4) Does Driver4Vr allow trackpad scaling/emulation? Occasionally, using the controllers I have, when I look at the emulated Vive controllers, the grey dot on the emulated trackpad can’t go all the way to the edge, despite the actual joysticks or trackpads being pressed all the way.

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    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    Basically right now there is no point using Kinect + Nolo except body tracking.
    With Hydra drivers it can be different because Kinect can add head tracking.
    Yes, I can try to disable nolo or hydra but not sure what is point of this ? 🙂

    It is possible at least for Nolo to provide position to their controllers while maintaining orientation originally from nolo. So we can get kind of 360 degree tracking. The problem is how to effectively track them when you are rotated back to Nolo ? Only skeleton tracking ?

    With Nolo right now only help you can get from Driver4VR is to allow head tracking to headsets like DK2 or Deepoon e2.

    Regarding last question I am not sure of this. Can you rephrase ?

    Dan McAleeseCryCoh

    For the last question, it may be more if an issue with Nolo’s driver than anything else, basically touching the edge of the actual trackpad doesn’t emulate he edge of the vr controller’s teackpad because the scaling is off.

    For the first question, I ask because both the nolo and the hydra have excellent controller oriention, but have major controller position flaws. Nolos is controller occlusion because of the single base station and the hydras suffer from an odd warping effect as is passes around the base station due to its magnetic field tracking. It might not be so useful in the end, though.

    Dan McAleeseCryCoh

    Also, the first question would help those with PS Move Navigation controllers and a kinecct sensor.

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