Pimax 4k Headtracking with Psmoveservice AND HTC Vive Controllers?

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    Hi there, im trying to setup Pimax 4k Headtracking with Psmoveservice AND HTC Vive Controllers+Basestations.

    Psmoveservice is setted up and running.
    In SteamVR It shows me all Devices needed green, but the spaces of the Vive Basestations and Psmoveservice are differnt.

    Is there any option to rotate/move the Psmove trackers or Lighthouses via config files?

    I also have a Kinect One, but it always gets disconnectet after few sec and reconnects. so I decided to use psmoveservice.

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    hi. you have psmoveservice and vive. those are 2 coordinate systems each is different.
    for my kinect tutorial I calibrate 5 points to determine how Kinect coordinates should be translate to Oculus.

    PSMoveService allows only to calibrate of ps move controllers to headset. but your problem is reverse and there is nothing I know right now that can help.

    If I had vive and Pimax then I would try to use Vive tracker to track position of Pimax cause that would give me best quality of tracking and area coverage. Only drawback is that you need hold Vive somewhere close to your head 🙂 Or get tracker which should be smaller.

    there is no such feature in driver but can be added.


    Ok, thank you. I try reinstalling my kinect, maybe i get it to work.

    Vive trackers are actually about 130-150€ in germany. I think this is too expensive for this try 😀

    Is it hard to add a vive tracker for headtracking? maybe they are available in the future cheaper.
    If youre adding the feature for adding vive trackers, please tell me 🙂


    Now I have tried it with Psmoveservice and Kinect. Sadly I have big USBBandwith issues even with only 2 PSmove cameras and Kinect ONE.
    (no I Cannot upgrade USB Ports with a PCIe Card, because I have a gaming laptop 🙂 )

    So I decided to buy a VIVE Tracker but I only found an incomplete Tutorial (or maybe I am too dumb to get it working) to use a Vive Tracker with OSVR Server.

    So how about adding the feature of using Vive Trackers as HMD ? 🙂

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    yes. that is what is following my head for months.
    you have pimax 4k and all you need is to get position from vive tracking system to avoid additional calibration.
    is that what you mean ?


    exactly 🙂 that would be awesome 🙂

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