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    Matthias JongbloetUlnarevern

    (wasn’t sure where to post, and since it’d fit a few categories I figured this would do the trick)

    First of all, I’m amazed at your work. It works rather well for a all in one for DIY VR.
    I tested and bought D4VR yesterday, I don’t regret it! 🙂
    – Some dumb detail, but I find that your trial version is way too restrictive. Maybe give an hour at first, plus 30 minutes per week or something like that? I’m afraid that upgrading it to 30 minutes instead of 15 would just give the time to try and set stuff up at first.

    – I might be a bit slow, but it took me a while to understand you had to select a hand controller in the main window to pair it with my controllers (PS Move) (configuration-wise, it was rather easy to get it working)

    – Would there be any way to compensate controller drift? Turns out I got PSMoves with a disabled magnetometer, and one get a particularly strong drift. I was thinking of a calibration where you put your controller still and it measures the movement over a set period of time. I have no idea how hard this would be to implement, nor if it would be something to ask to the PSMoveService people.

    – Another user suggested a fix already, but I do have the camera drift problem, probably due to VRidge/Riftcat, a controller shortcut would indeed be handy to recenter the camera, and maybe the controllers simultaneously too

    – Rotation using button click on the PSMove moves me away from my center (ie. I configured SteamVR standing mode, I start in the middle of the circle and whenever I press one of the turn buttons, I end up out of the circle)

    By the way, I’m using Riftcat/VRidge, 2 PSMove (magnetometer disabled) with a Kinect one.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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